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Death: Turn Towards It

OOH design, UI Design, Package Design

How do you spread awareness about Netflix's The Midnight Gospel?

We hone in on one theme of the show and drive through different collateral. That theme was Death.

The Midnight Gospel is a show about Clancy Gilroy who interviews beings from different planets for his spacecast. Each episode has the theme of death. In many cultures, talking about death is taboo and inappropriate.

The Midnight Gospel embraces it. I wanted to start the conversation around death, what it means and what it does to us. At the end of each episode, Gilroy would end up with a pair of shoes. I used the shoes as a means to flesh out the campaign.

After asking people to take my survey I found some great answers and used those for UGC for the collateral, like the billboards and bus wraparounds.

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